Bidding is no stranger in the never-ending world of buying and selling that is business, and as competition rises, the challenges at stake in the market get even higher. From offering at auctions, and winning contracts for jobs, down to finding potential projects worth undertaking, any document used to process a bid plays a crucial role in acknowledging how much people are willing to pay for various assets.

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Bid Definition & Meaning

Bids initiate offers that may be done at live auctions, online bids, closed bidding, or with dealers, and a document outlining the bid details and stipulations is essential to set a proper agreement between parties.

A bid refers to any offer created by a person or a business to buy assets.

What Is a Bid?

A bid has many nuances in business and the most widely accepted function is it is the type of offer clients, investors, dealers, or traders use to purchase an asset. A bid can also be used in competing for contracts by setting the terms on how much they can pay for it; whoever provided the highest offer would win the bidding. Besides bidding at stock markets and auctions, a bid could be a market maker’s price for purchasing securities.

10 Types of Bids

Construction Bid

construction bid refers to a procedure where potential clients are handed out a proposal in the hopes that they would head the construction of a building or structure. A similar process is when a subcontractor shows a construction bid pitch deck to general contractors. Lay out the specifics of a construction bid in a document clearly.

construction bid

Bid Estimate

bid estimate is commonly used in the construction business. It highlights the approximated pricing quotes and estimates in detail until contractors would eventually win their clients. Contractors share the bid estimate with a client after successful bidding or negotiation, meaning the estimate already covers the breakdown of costs.

bid estimate

Bid Proposal

The product, service, timeline, pricing, and other specifics of an offer are discussed in a form of a proposal. Referred to as a bid proposal, this type of document specifies a project plan until a bid outshines the rest of the competitors; thus, securing a client’s business. How long projects take as well as the cost breakdowns are inputted here.

bid proposal

Bid Comparison

You deserve a bid comparison sheet to get the bigger picture of bid options as well as weigh down your bids and check which is more worth it. Bid comparisons show you how much every asset costs and other specifications that would help you during bid analysis. Evaluate your options in a price comparison carefully before making decisions.

bid comparison

Bid Sheet

A general document used for bidding purposes is called a bid sheet. Refer to this specific sheet if you have questions or details to review about a bid. Bid sheets often serve as the jack of all trades considering they can house a plethora of information such as the bid proposal, bid estimate, bid schedule, and other details about bidding.

bid sheet

Bid Lessons Learned

A special type of bid document outlines every knowledge you gained out of the bidding. With a bid lessons learned document, you can record project phases, bid assessments, bid registry, development descriptions, and other bidding concerns. Treat this document like a diary but for professional use because the data would focus on bids.

bid lessons learned

Contractor Bid

To excel as a contractor means you should also know what a contractor bid is. This refers to the pricing quote offer given to a manager to execute the terms of a contract along with the conditions deemed acceptable in a contract. Since project owners would request general contractors in bidding a certain project, the contractor’s bid comes in handy to streamline the process.

contractor bid

Bid Tabulation

Bid details are easily displayed and are easy to read if presented in a bid tabulation. Like a kanban board or any box chart, a bid tabulation is presented with a table that displays the amount bid made by every bidder. Thanks to a bid tabulation, it gets easier to compare which bid is higher or lower and decide which offer to accept.

bid tabulation

Catering Bid Proposal

Before launching your catering service business, pitching a catering bid proposal always comes first. Write this bid proposal with your catering menu, commercial services, ordering policies, prices, etc. The point here is to introduce and sell your catering business.

catering bid proposal

Silent Auction Bid Sheet

In a whole auction, aim to track the revenues or bids by writing in a silent auction bid sheet. This document covers the bidder’s names, item numbers, starting bids, minimum raises, and the like. It can help you determine who’s at the advantage among bids or prevent any rigging from the process.

silent auction bid sheet

Bid Uses, Purpose, Importance

Bids are pertinent in business in the sense that bidding depends on the marketplace so assets would be purchased. Whether you are a contractor, owner, dealer, tender, or bidder, learning about the benefits and important aspects of a bid should matter before processing any type of bid document.

Bidding Undergoes a Process

A bid is not always as easy as it sounds wherein you initiate a bid invitation and the offer automatically gets accepted. It can go through a long process where you start detailing the bid through a proposal, pitch an asset or contract to a potential client, run through negotiations, sign a deal, and proceed to payment. With a bid document, you are guaranteed to clearly stipulate the bidding terms so everything is clear between a bidder and a dealer.

Competition for the Best Prices

Bids make a good run for business due to how they incorporate competition, meaning there are competing bidders who plan to outbid one another until the person who makes the best offer wins the asset. It is through auctions or market venues that bidding is demonstrated best. Thus, there is a chance for everyone to buy goods or services by making the highest offers rather than a monopoly of assets.

Documentation through Bid Records

Bid documents record all the critical data about a bid for recordkeeping. Expect details such as the vendor’s name, subcontractor’s name, project or product description, schedule, pricing, and other related info inside the bid document. Bid records work similarly to agreements by writing the terms and stipulations as proof of a deal among parties.

Optimization of Bid Templates

Bid documents aren’t a hassle to create, especially when there are a number of bid templates you can customize out there. Also, did you know that the chances of winning a bid (32%) are lower than the percentage of bids people make (35%)? That being said, you deserve to make a bid document that follows the correct standards and builds a credible image on your part such as what you’d expect from following professionally made bid templates.

Multiple Options for Landing the Best Deals

There are plentiful types of assets you can bid for such as images, fashion pieces, games, homes, lands, and other collectibles; there are also multiple price options to select among bids. The point here is that finding the best deals in a purchase is made possible through bidding, especially if you know how to play it right. In fact, bids give a possibility for owners to land the best deal possible with top-tier quality effort and money savings.

What’s in a Bid? Parts?

Product or Service Info

This part of a bid is a summary of what products and services are being offered for the bidding. Any party would want a full description of the asset from its brand, appearance, function, and other specs.

Contact Information

The party information or contact information refers to the personal details of the parties involved. The names, addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses are standard.


Bid completion takes a process and you have to construct a realistic timeline. Set the project timeline for effective bidding management.

Pricing Quote

One of the most important facets of a bid is the pricing quote. Create a list of all offers and prices relevant to a bid.

Legally Binding Contract Terms

It is expected for bids to undergo an agreement or contract eventually. Leave room for all the contract terms and save space to affix each party’s signature.


Whether bidding concerns a cleaning product, lawn care service, wedding venue, rare painting icon, electrical unit, cartoon graphic design, medical equipment, freelancer company, or advertisement deal, any other pertinent info supporting the bid details are worth inserting into a bid document. Bid documents may be attached with agreement letters, charts, and many others as long as they are relevant to the bid.

How to Design a Bid

1. Pick the best Bid Size for your document

2. Understand the purpose or intention of the bid

3. Edit a free Bid Template

4. Input the standard parts of a bid

5. Save and publish what you just made

Bid vs. Auction

A bid is an offer or price made by a bidder during a public sale or auction; all auctions involve bids but not all bids are held in auctions alone.

An auction refers to the overall process of selling or purchasing assets while the highest bidders take home the prize.

What’s the Difference between a Bid, Stock, & Proposal?

A bid refers to the price chosen by a client to purchase an asset or stock.

A stock refers to the product or asset being offered during bidding.

A proposal is a formal, suggestive plan for the client, investor, manager, or any target to either accept or reject a proposed idea.

Bid Sizes

Bidding refers to a process where people make offers to particular assets; meanwhile, a bid document could refer to any type of paper slip regarding bids. On that note, expect wide-ranging bid sizes to choose from that can easily be decided according to the type of bid document you use.



Letter Bid Document Size8.5” × 11”21.59 × 27.94 cm
Legal Bid Document Size8.5” × 14”21.59 × 35.56 cm
A4 Bid Document Size8.3” × 11.7”21.08 × 29.72 cm

Bid Ideas & Examples

There are so many possible ideas to incorporate into bids may that be related to landscaping, janitorial service, vector, bond, clipart, marketing logo, or even sealed cards. In the world of bidding, expect to meet numerous bid ideas until you’d find the perfect example that works for you.

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What is included in the bid?

Bids contain contact information, product or service features, project timeline, pricing quotes, contract terms, and many other relevant parts.

What are the two methods of a bid?

The two main bid methods are competitive or open bidding and noncompetitive or sealed bidding.

What is a bid in procurement?

A procurement bid is basically an offer created by suppliers while competing for projects or contracts.

What are the three forms of a bid?

A bid is generally categorized into three forms; these are sealed bids, online bids, and auction bids.

What is the function of bids?

Bids draw competition toward who gets to own a certain product, service, or asset depending on who gives out the highest offer of the bunch.

What does a bid form do?

A bid form lays out the specific details of a bid from its terms, conditions, project timeline, schedule, and other critical bidding concerns.

How do you start a bid?

Before you announce that you are having an auction or any market for bidding, research the market value of your stocks or assets first to know the fair market value or limits of each asset.

What makes a good bid?

A decent bid is one that tells you how an asset adds value to a company or client.

What is the role of bid in business?

Bid brings more competition and engagement to the buy-and-sell process of businesses.

What are the key elements of a bid?

The notable elements of a bid are the client’s contact details, contractor’s contact info, job name, project or proposal’s purpose, product or service information, pricing, agreement terms, estimated project timeline, and signatures of all parties.

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