Free Logistics & Transportation PowerPoint Template

A free presentation template for logistics industry

Free Logistics & Transportation PowerPoint Template is a presentation slide design featuring a dynamic and colorful background that captures the essence of the logistics and transportation industry. The background is divided into three main sections, each representing a different mode of freight transport.

On the left, there’s a large cargo ship docked at a port, with a crane poised above, suggesting the busy operations at a sea freight terminal.

The central part of the image transitions to a highway scene where a fleet of trucks equipped with cargo containers is in motion, indicating overland transport. The trucks are headed toward the viewer, which gives a sense of action and movement. The bright headlights of the lead truck shine forward, implying that the logistics operation is ongoing, regardless of the time of day.

On the right, the image culminates with stacked cargo containers and an airplane flying overhead against a sunset or sunrise sky, signaling the global reach of air freight services. The airplane, bathed in the warm glow of the sky, adds to the international and fast-paced nature of the logistics business.

Overlaying this bustling background is a bold, diagonal banner with a deep blue gradient, matching the sky’s hue, drawing attention to the editable title section. There is a banner with space to enter the presentation title. How can you use this template? Here are some ideas:

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