Anzac Day

Anzac Day

Anzac Day aka Australian and New Zealand Army Corps Day is a respected anniversary that commemorates the prime military service contributed by nations during World War I. During this national holiday in Australia, New Zealand, and Tonga, honoring the armed forces and the war victims is most opportune.

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Anzac Day Definition and Meaning

Anzac Day is one of the most crucial public holidays in Australia and New Zealand in remembrance of the soldiers, veterans, and armed forces who fought in World War I.

Anzac Day is not your typical holiday served with an extravagant celebration but rather a more solemn memorial on the services of the armed forces, the purpose of war and peacekeeping, and the lives lost during the great warfare.

When Is Anzac Day?

Anzac Day occurs every April 25 since that is the same date the Anzac forces reached the Gallipoli Peninsula back in 1915. Every year on April 25th, Australians and New Zealanders reflect and remember the people who fought for their lives to serve the country and retain peace.

Anzac Day History

On April 25, 1915, the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) started their movement for World War I where they landed in the Gallipoli Peninsula and secured the ANZAC Cove. Although the ANZAC soldiers and the Allied troops were withdrawn in December 1915, the ANZAC was still recognized for their brave battle in the Dardanelles Campaign. And even though ANZAC no longer existed since 1917, it was announced later in 1920 that Anzac Day should be a holiday celebration in Australia and New Zealand.

Anzac Day Purpose, Importance

Knowing the background, history, and purpose behind Anzac Day is crucial before you actually wave the Australian flag, celebrate using Anzac Day symbols, or honor the troops who died in the war. And the major highlights of this event are:

In Honor of the Sacrifices Made by Australian and New Zealand Troops

Always keep in mind on every anniversary of Anzac Day that it remembers the sacrifices and services given by Australian and New Zealand soldiers. It was their military action that continues to be honored by the nation, especially when their lives affected historical accounts. That means every man and woman who was part of the war must be remembered since they helped secure the freedom experienced up to today.

Nationalism and National Identity

Anzac Day is also part of how people identify Australia or New Zealand. This holiday reminds the public of the nation’s identity or pride. Most importantly, Anzac Day commemorates the badge of qualities the nation is known for such as courage, partnership, and sacrifice.

A Historic Moment Between Countries

The 1915 Gallipoli Campaign that happened in Turkey is remembered in history books since it is the very first big military action involving the Australian and New Zealand parties. The operation may have failed but it still somehow displayed perseverance and bravery among the ANZAC. And that part of history shouldn’t be overlooked since it is part of what shaped the nation of today.

Reflection on the Significance of War

Conflicts and wars sound problematic but, ironically, every country has a different viewpoint on how to maintain peace and order. So on Anzac Day, give room for a reflection time on the meanings of war and how those wars affected countries from the past until the present. It is a topic worth sharing in school, social media, and the public, and you can even learn from historians and the committee containing records of ANZAC accounts for reference.

What’s on Anzac Day?

In Australia and New Zealand, Anzac Day is honored in many ways such as a dawn service observed at war memorials, an Anzac Day parade, a commemorative ceremony displaying poppies and rosemary wreaths, social media messages using the hashtag #AnzacDay, and televised events regarding the holiday. Another part of Anzac Day’s unique traditions is the two-up gambling game which used to be a prominent activity done by soldiers during the war; it is played by flipping two coins and betting whether both coins are heads, tails, or not the same.

How to Create an Anzac Day Social Media Post

Social media are accessible platforms regarding where to share and discuss Anzac Day, particularly during the actual date of the holiday. And you can start making Anzac Day social media posts using customizable templates for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp in just a few steps.


Step 1: Choose an Anzac Day Facebook post template.

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Visit and check out the whole collection of editable, printable, and downloadable Anzac Day templates. Check out the Anzac Day Facebook post template specifically. Then, click “Edit online” to make custom changes first.

Step 2: Add text boxes to fill in.

add text boxes to fill in

Select the “Text” tool from the menu so you can insert a text box for the heading, sub-heading, or paragraph into the template and edit it afterward. Then, press “Fill” so you can fill in characters and words inside the text box using your keyboard. Take this chance to write quotes, facts, hashtags, and messages about Anzac Day effectively.

Step 3: Showcase interesting graphic designs.

showcase interesting graphic designs

Next, select “Graphics” on the left menu to incorporate creative graphic templates into the Anzac Day FB post. Then, search for any graphic design from the search box whether you want to add a school badge, diggers logo, flower silhouette, or any form of artwork into the template. You can start with Anzac Day-related art, perhaps.

Step 4: Decorate with a stunning background.

decorate with a stunning background

Set an artistic wallpaper for your Facebook post template using the “Background” tool. You can search for a photo as your Anzac Day FB post’s background or simply choose a background color. A tip is to choose a wallpaper design that still makes your text and graphic elements visible on the post.

Step 5: Download the Anzac Day FB post template.

download the anzac day fb post template

Finalize your edits until you select “Download” on the upper-right side of your screen. You can change the format, size, and quality of your template and then press the last “Download” button. Don’t forget to post the downloaded file on Facebook as soon as April 25 approaches.


Step 1: Optimize an Anzac Day Twitter post template.

optimize an anzac day twitter post template

Go to your browser and log on to Check the full collection of Anzac Day templates and click the option for the Anzac Day Twitter post. You should see the many file formats available for the template such as JPG, PNG, and PSD; your goal is to click “Edit online” first.

Step 2: Change the given text.

change the given text

There is already a text box available in the Anzac Day Twitter post template. Click “Fill” to access the text, put your cursor into the fillable text box, and write new content shortly. Whether you write about Anzac Day poems, historical facts, or even holiday greetings for kids, you can always reposition or resize the text by manipulating the text box’s dots around the edges.

Step 3: Display relevant graphics.

display relevant graphics

Click “Graphics” so you have a chance to design more visual elements into the Twitter post template. Search for various graphic templates such as uniform borders, troop stickers, soldier hat cartoons, and more. Then, click the image to reposition or resize it as you manipulate the image’s dotted edges.

Step 4: Alter the default background color.

alter the default background

Select “Background” and choose from any of the Colors options under the Background categories. You can set monochrome colors to the background such as navy blue, baby pink, bright yellow, and more. Be sure to mind the foreground elements of your template so they won’t be hidden by the background color.

Step 5: Download the template once you’re done.

download the template once youre done

Add last-minute edits to the template until you’re ready to press “Download” on the right side. You can opt for a high-quality format first until you finally download the Anzac Day Twitter post template for good. On April 25, greet your online friends and followers with a happy Anzac Day by posting the template on Twitter.


Step 1: Look for a premade Anzac Day WhatsApp post template.

look for a premade anzac day whatsapp post template

Head to and view the downloadable options of Anzac Day templates. Select the one suitable in the WhatsApp post format, specifically the Anzac Day WhatsApp post sample. Tap “Edit online” and you can begin customizing in the Editor tool swiftly.

Step 2: Insert Anzac Day greetings or messages.

insert anzac day greetings or messages

Access the “Fill” feature to change the default words written in the text box. Just press the text box itself, erase the old words inside, and type new messages with your keyboard. You should see how the message appears on the template as seen on the right side of your screen.

Step 3: Add graphic designs for the holiday.

add graphic designs for the holiday

The template allows you to embellish even further. Go to “Graphics” and search for any type of graphic design you want to insert into the post may it be filled with project crafts, transparent drawings, and other Anzac Day-inspired decorations. Adjust the placements and dimensions of such graphics afterward.

Step 4: Look for a new background design.

look for a new background design

Click the “Background” tool from the menu. Then, search for a new background motif that blends well with the theme or scene of your WhatsApp post template. If not a photo, you can just go for a new background color too.

Step 5: Download and share the template.

download and share the template

Are you done editing the Anzac Day WhatsApp post template? Hence, click “Download” and press the final download button below. Lastly, go to your WhatsApp account and post the template you just personalized during the holiday.

Anzac Day vs. Memorial Day

Anzac Day honors the whole members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought and died in World War I; it happens every April 25th and is celebrated specifically in New Zealand and Australia.

Memorial Day commemorates the entire troops who served and died for the United States Armed Forces until it evolved to remember all Americans who have fallen from military service; it is observed in America every last Monday of May.

Anzac Day Ideas & Examples

Don’t settle for social media templates only in designing samples relevant to Anzac Day because there is basically a plethora of graphic designs dedicated to this holiday that you can optimize for other purposes. From vectors, and illustrations, to banners, here are some ideas worth adding to your Anzac Day template collection:

Anzac Day Vector Ideas and Examples

Use the Anzac Day vector template when you want to emphasize a memorial or monument motif in your Anzac Day-driven graphic design.

anzac day vector ideas and examples

Anzac Day Background Ideas and Examples

Set a riveting Anzac Day background to any platform so you can achieve a hard-to-miss graphic about the holiday due to the template’s big size.

anzac day background ideas and examples

Anzac Day Illustration Ideas and Examples

Introduce the celebration of Anzac Day to children using a cartoonish or child-friendly Anzac Day illustration design in posts and publications.

anzac day illustration ideas and examples

Anzac Day Banner Ideas and Examples

Craft a printable or digital Anzac Day banner to pay tribute to the fallen not only with large graphics but also easy-to-read texts inside the design.

anzac day banner ideas and examples

Anzac Day Poster Ideas and Examples

Another large-size template that has plenty of room for visual and text elements is the Anzac Day poster sample.

anzac day poster ideas and examples

Anzac Day Flyer Ideas and Examples

Spread the word about the holiday by handing out a well-made Anzac Day flyer to every person who needs to be reminded about the ANZAC anniversary.

anzac day flyer ideas and examples

Anzac Day Wishes Ideas and Examples

Insert greetings and special messages about Anzac Day by utilizing the Anzac Day wishes template that you can download, design, and edit anytime.

anzac day wishes ideas and examples

Anzac Day Drawing Ideas and Examples

Black-and-white motifs that look like rough sketches such as the Anzac Day drawing offer a classic appeal on how to remember the holiday.

anzac day drawing ideas and examples

Anzac Day ClipArt Ideas and Examples

You can insert Anzac Day clipart designs into online posts, publishing materials, and other platforms as a reminder that you respect and observe Anzac Day very well.

anzac day clipart ideas and examples

Anzac Day Quote Ideas and Examples

A special Anzac Day quote could just be what many people want to hear and the quote itself can be designed artistically to appeal to more audiences efficiently.

anzac day quote ideas and examples


What is Anzac Day and why is it celebrated?

It is a special day of remembrance among the ANZAC who served in their countries.

How long is the Anzac Day silence?

It takes one whole minute at 11:00 AM on April 25.

What is Anzac Day in America?

America has its own remembrance for American soldiers called Memorial Day.

What flower do you wear on Anzac Day?

You wear a red poppy.

Why do we celebrate Anzac Day at dawn?

It serves as a reminder of how the ANZAC arrived in Gallipoli at dawn.

How many soldiers died on Anzac Day?

Around 8,700 soldiers from Australia and 2,700 troops from New Zealand were estimated to have died.

Why do we wear red poppies on Anzac Day?

These flowers symbolize respect and remembrance for those who died in the war.

Who lays wreaths on Anzac Day?

They are usually the veterans and the military members.

What is the symbol of Anzac Day?

Anzac Day symbols include the red poppy, rising sun badge, ANZAC biscuit, slouch hat, and ode of remembrance.

What is the major criticism of Anzac Day?

Some people criticize Anzac Day for glorifying militarism and romanticizing wars.

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