St. George’s Day

St. George’s Day

St. George’s Day is one of many feast days that centers around a renowned saint in the Catholic Church. England and many other countries across Europe highly regard this celebration every year.

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St. George’s Day Definition & Meaning

St. George’s Day is among the biggest feast days celebrated by Christian churches in Europe, particularly in England, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia, and Portugal.

St. George’s Day is the feast day of St. George who is considered the patron saint of soldiers, knights, scouts, fencers, and archers as he was seen as the personification of Christian chivalry.

When Is St. George’s Day?

Every year, St. George’s Day is celebrated on April 23 which is the date considered to be his death anniversary. In 2023, the feast day of St. George falls on a Sunday (April 23, 2023).

St. George’s Day History

Saint George was born in 280 AD and was a Roman soldier who rose up to the ranks of the Roman Army. Legends have it that he was a slayer of dragons, a savior of maidens in distress, and a protector of people. He became a martyr because of his devotion to Christianity and refusal to bow to Roman gods which cost him his head in 303 AD. For hundreds of years, England and other European countries have been celebrating St. George’s Day to commemorate the heroism and martyrdom of St. George.

St. George’s Day Purpose, Importance

St. George’s Day is marked on the calendar of the admirers of St. George. It’s a feast day with real significance and it’s part of the culture of England, other European countries, and people devoted to the patron saint of knights.

Death Anniversary of St. George

The anniversary of St. George’s death is April 23; though it’s not clear if that was the exact date he died, it’s considered the official date of his death anniversary. Christians who follow St. George will offer tributes, attend mass, or offer prayers dedicate to their patron saint in honor of him.

Commemorate St. George’s Martyrdom

The loyalty and devotion of St. George to Christianity have been one of the main reasons why Christians throughout the centuries admire him. He died refusing to convert to the Roman gods which made him a Christian martyr. His bravery has been an inspiration of keeping one’s faith in the Christian church.

Revel in the Legend of St. George

Stories of St. George are legendary and have some great entertainment value that kids and adults would find engaging. Whether or not some of his legendary tales are true, St. George’s Day is the best time of the year to revisit his story. There are lessons to be picked up from them as well.

What’s on St. George’s Day?

St. George’s Day is without a doubt a festive feast day in England and other European countries. People celebrate it with dancing, parades, games, tea party events, and other entertaining activities. Others visit churches, chapels, and museums with St. George statues, idols, and paintings.

How to Create a St. George’s Day Social Media Post

Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are great social media sites to share your excitement for St. George’s Day. So follow these easy steps to craft attractive St. George’s Day posts.


1. Use the St. George’s Day Facebook Post as your template.

use the st

The ready-made St. George’s Day Facebook Post is the best template that you can find for this small project. It’s easily editable on the Editor dashboard. Visit its product page and select the ‘Edit Online’ option to get started.

2. Write your St. George’s Day message.

write your st

Start by writing your unique St. George’s Day message in the template. To do that, access the Fill panel and write the content in the Fill Text box. Whatever you’ll write in that box will appear in the template.

3. Add more St. George graphics.

add more st

You can add more St. George Day graphics to make the design livelier and more attractive. Go to the Graphics tab and enter “St. George” in the search box. You’ll find clipart and icons of shields flying the colors of the St. George flag and other St. George-related mini illustrations.

4. Change the Background aesthetic if you want.

change the background aesthetic if you want

Change the look and feel of the template’s background in the Background tab. In particular, you can change the background color in the Colors section. Changing the background color will essentially change the color of the sky in the template’s illustration.

5. Download your custom St. George’s Day Facebook post image.

download your custom st

Click the blue Download button found on the upper-right side of the Editor dashboard to secure a copy of your custom Facebook post image. It’s ready to be uploaded to Facebook but only do so on April 23.


1. Select the St. George’s Day Instagram Post.

select the st

The St. George’s Day Instagram Post is a highly Instagrammable social media template. This should help you craft a stunning St. George’s Day post in no time. Select the ‘Edit Online’ option on its product page to start editing.

2. Type in your inspiring St. George’s Day quote.

type in your inspiring st

Go to the Fill tab and write your very own St. George’s Day quote in the Fill Text box. If you don’t have one, you can use the quote that already exists in the template or make some minor tweaks to it. After that, you can change the font style of the text; the default font is Open Sans.

3. Upload your logo.

upload your logo

If you have your own personal brand logo, you should include it in the Instagram post. To upload your logo, go to the Logo tab and select the ‘Upload Your File’ button. Make sure that the file size of your logo isn’t more than 5MB.

4. Insert more St. George’s Day decors.

insert more st

Feel free to add more St. George’s Day decorations to your Instagram post. Open the Graphics tab and enter “Saint George” in the search box to find the St. George graphics. Drag and drop them to the Instagram post template.

5. Download the custom Instagram post image.

download the custom instagram post image

Download your custom St. George’s Day Instagram post image to save a copy of it. Just click the Download button located in the upper right corner of the Editor Dashboard. It’ll be saved on your computer/device and ready for uploading this coming April 23.


1. Choose the St. George’s Day Whatsapp Post as your template.

choose the st

Take advantage of the St. George’s Day Whatsapp Post as your ready-made social media template. It has a complete St. George’s Day aesthetic that you can customize for free on the Editor Dashboard. Get started by selecting the ‘Edit Online’ option on the template’s product page.

2. Customize the text of the template.

customize the text of the template

You can customize the existing St. George’s Day message of the template if you want. Just open the Fill tab and edit the content in the Fill Text box. You can overhaul it completely, make some minor changes, or keep it as it is.

3. Insert St. George icons.

insert st

The Editor Dashboard’s Graphics tab has St. George’s Day digital art pieces available. You can insert them by dragging and dropping them in the template. Enter “St. George” in the search bar of the Graphics tab to find the icons.

4. Select a custom background color.

select a custom background color

Change the background color of the Whatsapp post if you want. Go to Background, select See All under the Colors section, and choose a color of your choice. Clicking your choice of color will set it up as the background color immediately.

5. Download the Whatsapp post image.

download the whatsapp post image

The Download button is found on the upper-right side of the Editor Dashboard. Select it so you save a copy of your custom Whatsapp post on your computer. Once it’s downloaded, all that’s left to do is to upload the post image on St. George’s Day this coming April 23.

St. George’s Day vs. St. Patrick’s Day

St. George’s Day is the feast day (April 23) of Saint George who is the patron saint of England.

St. Patrick’s Day is an annual Irish holiday that commemorates the death anniversary of Ireland’s patron saint—Saint Patrick.

St. George’s Day Ideas & Examples

When it comes to design references and inspiration to create St. George’s Day-themed digital art pieces, these incredible St. George’s Day ideas and examples are the go-to choices.

St. George’s Day Vector Ideas & Examples

The St. George’s Day Vector features a beautiful cartoon drawing of St. George battling a dragon.


St. George’s Day Background Ideas & Examples

For those looking for an eye-pleasing desktop background, the St. George’s Day Background would be perfect, especially when the St. George’s feast day is fast approaching.


St. George’s Day Illustration Ideas & Examples

The St. George’s Day Illustration perfectly visualizes the legendary story of when St. George fought a mighty dragon.


St. George’s Day Banner Ideas & Examples

Organizations hosting events on April 23 can promote them using a banner as eye-catching as the St. George’s Day Banner.


St. George’s Day Poster Ideas & Examples

Posters are always effective as promotional materials, and so the St. George’s Day Poster is a highly recommended template for organizations hosting St. George’s Day-themed events.


St. George’s Day Flyer Ideas & Examples

The St. George’s Day Flyer is an excellent marketing tool for promoting St. George’s Day events, business promos, and discount deals.


St. George’s Day Wallpaper Ideas & Examples

The St. George’s Day Wallpaper is an awesome wallpaper as it shows a knight clad in armor and brandishing a shield with St. George’s flag.


St. George’s Day Drawing Ideas & Examples

The St. George’s Day Drawing may be a simple-looking digital art piece, but it still captures the glory of St. George despite being colorless.


St. George’s Day ClipArt Ideas & Examples

The St. George’s Day ClipArt would be a nice addition to the decor of posters, wallpapers, and banners with a St. George’s Day theme.


St. George’s Day Quote Ideas & Examples

The St. George’s Day Quote features a quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton telling the story of how St. George felled the giant dragon.


St. George’s Day FAQs

What is St. George’s Day celebrated for?

St. George’s Day is celebrated in commemoration of St. George’s martyrdom and in observance of his death anniversary on April 23.

Why is St. George’s Day not a public holiday?

St. George’s Day isn’t a public holiday because it is more of a secular event rather than a Christian holiday.

What is the St. George’s Day myth?

The popular legend of St. George’s Day is that St. George defeated a large evil dragon that saved a princess and the people of a local town.

When did St. George slay the dragon?

According to some old records, legend says that St. George slew the dragon sometime in the 12th Century.

Is St. George’s Day Catholic?

Yes, St. George’s Day is mainly a feast day celebrated by the Catholic Church.

What color do you wear on St. George’s Day?

Blue is the best color to wear on St. George’s Day because it’s said to be the favorite color of St. George.

Why is St. George so important in England?

St. George is such an important figure in England because he is seen as the personification of Christian chivalry ideals.

What does the dragon symbolize on St. George’s Day?

The dragon is said to be the symbol of evil and the devil himself in the classic legendary story where St. George slew a dragon.

What is the symbol for St. George’s Day?

St. George’s cross is the symbol for St. George’s Day.

What do you say on St. George’s Day?

To greet people on St. George’s Day, you simply say “Happy St. George’s Day”.

What is Saint George best known for?

Saint George is best known as a Roman soldier and officer who refused to bow to Roman gods and instead kept his faith in Christianity.

What are the facts about Saint George?

Some key facts about Saint George are the following: he is the patron saint of knights, legend has it that he slew an evil dragon, and he died in 303 AD.

What are the flowers for St. George’s Day?

The red rose is the flower for St. George’s Day.

Why is St. George’s cross red?

The red cross in St. George’s flag actually has no direct association with him; it was chosen by Aragon—a medieval kingdom in Spain.

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