Nowruz is the Iranian celebration of the New Year and the celebration of spring to signify new beginnings, renewal, and rejuvenation, with people going about activities of reflecting and moving forward. The Nowruz holiday is a special event for many people, symbolizing the present and significance of cultural diversity and unity to bring people together to celebrate and commemorate the event.

Nowruz Definition and Meaning

Nowruz is a Persian word that means “New Day” and refers to the celebration of the Persian New Year, with a consequential celebration on the first day of spring.

It marks the beginning of the year in the Persian calendar and is a time of renewal and new beginnings for Persian communities.

When is Nowruz?

The celebration of the Nowruz holiday typically falls on March 20th or 21st, depending on the timing of the vernal equinox. The holiday falls on the evening of March 20th in the United States, with the celebration lasting for several days and is a time of great joy and festivity.

Nowruz History

Nowruz is a rite that dates back to the 6th century BCE, marking the celebration on 21 March in many countries along the Silk Roads, including Afghanistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Uzbekistan to name a few. While some of the festival’s earliest origins lie in Zoroastrianism, marking one of the holiest days in the ancient Zoroastrian calendar, with the celebration by peoples of many different religions and cultures across this vast region. Nowruz is associated with various local traditions, including the legend of Jamshid, a king in Persian mythology, which slowly began developing and expanding over the last millennium, incorporating new social, religious, and cultural influences.

Nowruz Purpose, Importance

Nowruz is one of the most significant celebrations celebrated by the Iranian culture, symbolizing the start of the New Year, in line with the beginning of spring to symbolize new beginnings.

Celebrating the arrival of spring

Nowruz marks the arrival of spring, which symbolizes a time of rebirth and renewal. After a long and cold winter, the new season of spring brings hope, joy, and vitality to people’s lives. In Iranian culture, Nowruz is a time to celebrate the beauty of nature and the changing of the seasons. The festival is often marked by planting trees and flowers, visiting gardens, and spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Honoring cultural traditions:

Nowruz is deeply rooted in Iranian cultural traditions and customs, and it provides an opportunity to honor and preserve these traditions. Iranians take pride in their cultural heritage and use Nowruz as a way to pass on their customs and values to the next generation. The festival is marked by various rituals and customs, such as preparing a Haft-sin table, which is adorned with seven items that symbolize different aspects of life, and visiting family members and friends to exchange gifts and share a traditional meal.

Promoting unity and harmony

Nowruz is celebrated not only in Iran but also in several other countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. The festival serves as a symbol of cultural unity and diversity, bringing people of different backgrounds and beliefs together to celebrate a common heritage. Nowruz is a time to set aside differences and come together to share in the joy and festivities of the season, promoting a sense of community and harmony, and it reminds us of the importance of coming together as one global family.

What’s In Nowruz?

Diverse customs and traditions exist in the celebration of Nowruz across different countries, however common features unite them all. For instance, symbolic preparation rituals involving fire and water typically precede the festival followed by ceremonial dances that incorporate jumping over fires or streams while some visit cemeteries to respect their departed loved ones. The actual day of Nowruz is filled with an abundance of food consumption as well as visits from family members and friends; there’s gift exchanging too alongside cultural performances which display traditional activities like poetry recitals, and music playing sessions accompanied by folkloric dancing displays amongst others.

How to Create a Nowruz Social Media Post

Nowruz is a major holiday celebrated by millions of people worldwide, sharing a Nowruz social media post to capture the holiday spirit with vibrant colors, traditional symbols, and a message of renewal and hope. Observe and promote the holiday using various Nowruz templates you can share on your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Step 1: Use a Nowruz Facebook Post template.

use a nowruz facebook post template

Select the Nowruz Facebook social media template from to open, revise, and download the template after accessing the social media graphics on the editor tool, and designing the post.

Step 2: Ready an enthusiastic greeting.

ready an enthusiastic greeting

Write enthusiastic and festive messages and greetings in the template, uploading the post on an official Facebook page or account. Deliver these statements to your readers and clients using text boxes, and edit content using the Fill icon.

Step 3: Add celebratory Nowruz graphics.

add celebratory nowruz graphics

Add illustrations and graphics to the design, like vectors, logos, clipart, and cartoons, using the Graphics icon on the editor. Browse the website library for symbols, shapes, or stickers and add them as design elements to your post.

Step 4: Choose a simple background color.

choose a simple background color

Use simple yet elegant colors for the background by going to the Background icon on the editor window. Choose from colors, illustrations, videos, and images from stock websites, including Unsplash and Pixelbay, in different graphic formats, including JPEG, PNG, or MP4.

Step 5: Download the Facebook post graphic.

download the facebook post graphic

Save your edited Facebook template after editing its content and clicking the Download button on the upper section of the editor to save the graphic document locally.


Step 1: Select a Nowruz Instagram Post template.

select a nowruz instagram post template

Choose the Instagram template for the Nowruz celebration from’s template collection using the online editor tool through the Edit Online button, editing the social media template in a new tab.

Step 2: Write your Nowruz greeting.

write your nowruz greeting

Friends, families, and groups can encourage individuals to participate in various Nowruz activities by inserting excerpts and notes from published materials or prominent figures using text boxes with the Fill or Text icon.

Step 3. Use a plain color or illustration for a background.

use a plain color or illustration for a background

Choose a background color or design to emphasize the event’s theme using the Background icon in the editor. Use the color picker to choose a solid color or select and upload photos, illustrations, videos, and gradients for the background.

Step 4: Insert business or company logos.

insert business or company logos

Aside from graphic elements, insert your company or organization logo to the social media post if you are hosting an event or activity using the Logo button in the editor panel.

Step 5: Save the Instagram post graphic.

save the instagram post graphic

After editing text and graphic elements in the template, save and download the template using the Download button and download the post on your device.


Step 1: Select a Nowruz Whatsapp Status template.

select a nowruz whatsapp status template

Search for the Nowruz Whatsapp Status post template from’s template library or the Nowruz landing page and open the selected template using the website’s editor tool.

Step 2: Write a celebratory message for readers.

write a celebratory message for readers

Add greetings, messages, and declarations to commemorate the Nowruz celebration to encourage different audiences to join various events and activities. Choose the Fill icon from the editor and type in a cheerful greeting and statement.

Step 3: Insert celebratory symbols and illustrations.

insert celebratory symbols and illustrations

Insert different designs representing the Nowruz celebration using illustrations, stickers, typography, and symbols under the Graphics tool after typing the keywords on the search bar.

Step 4: Choose a fitting color wallpaper.

choose a fitting color wallpaper

Settle for a simple yet attractive background design using colors, gradients, photographs, illustrations, or videos using the Background icon. For a plain background, select the Color option to showcase the design elements on the template.

Step 5: Save the Whatsapp post graphic.

save the whatsapp post graphic

After editing the template, download the Whatsapp status social media post using the Download button on the editor by logging in to your account.

Nowruz vs. Eid al-Fitr

Nowruz (Persian New Year) is an ancient festival that marks the beginning of the spring season and the start of the new year in the Persian calendar.

Meanwhile, Eid refers to the two Islamic festivals that are celebrated by Muslims worldwide; Eid al-Fitr is celebrated at the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, while Eid al-Adha celebrates the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Nowruz Ideas & Examples

Nowruz is a holiday that marks the Iranian new year as a celebration of new life, also marking the celebration of spring, with many individuals taking the opportunity to celebrate the event.

Nowruz Banner Ideas and Examples

nowruz banner ideas and examples

Construct and develop a Nowruz banner that you can use for different activities and events celebrating the Iranian new year with community, friends, and family.

Nowruz Illustration Ideas and Examples

nowruz illustration ideas and examples

Use a Nowruz illustration for advertising and promotional materials for your organization, inviting people to celebrate through different activities.

Nowruz ClipArt Ideas and Examples

nowruz clipart ideas and examples

Make your promotional materials stand out by inserting Nowruz clipart designs into your graphic post to elicit excitement and attraction to join different activities or events.

Nowruz Linkedin Post Ideas and Examples

nowruz linkedin post ideas and examples

Supply a greeting for people celebrating the Nowruz holiday by creating a Nowruz Linkedin post to share a positive message and greeting.

Nowruz Poster Ideas and Examples

nowruz poster ideas and examples

Generate a Nowruz poster for your organization and invite groups and individuals to a simple celebration or a cultural activity to share the culture, traditions, and customs.

Nowruz Flyer Ideas and Examples

nowruz flyer ideas and examples

Use a Nowruz flyer to invite and inform people about the holiday, incorporating different information and symbols to represent the traditional activities people do during the holiday.

Nowruz Blog Banner Ideas and Examples

nowruz blog banner ideas and examples

Add and insert a Nowruz blog banner on your company website and redirect your visitors and clients to informational pages about the holiday to learn more about the event.

Nowruz Twitter Post Ideas and Examples

nowruz twitter post ideas and examples

Use your social media platform to raise awareness about the Nowruz event, creating a Nowruz Twitter post and sharing bits of information about the holiday, stating facts and customs.

Nowruz Greeting Ideas and Examples

nowruz greeting ideas and examples

Create a positive and enthusiastic Nowruz greeting for your friends, family, and other groups and individuals who are willing to learn and celebrate the holiday.

Nowruz Drawing Ideas and Examples

nowruz drawing ideas and examples

Incorporate or create a Nowruz drawing pattern on a piece of paper, asking kids to interpret and represent the holiday according to how they understand the event.


What is Nowruz, and how is it celebrated?

Nowruz is known as the Persian New Year and the mark of the first day of spring, which Kurds, Afghans, and Iranians celebrate through a haft-seen table and other activities.

When is Nowruz celebrated in the United States?

The Nowruz celebration in the United States falls between March 20 and 21, depending on the time of the vernal equinox.

What are the origins of Nowruz?

The Nowruz celebration traces back to ancient Persia in the Zoroastrian religion, celebrating the end of winter and holding feasts and rituals to start the new year.

What are some traditional Nowruz foods?

Some traditional Nowruz foods include the sabzi polo mahli, kuku sabzi, and ash reshteh, which are herbed rice with fish, herb and egg frittata, and bean and noodle soup, respectively.

How do Iranians and Persians celebrate Nowruz in the United States?

Iranians and Persians celebrate Nowruz in the United States through gatherings with family and friends, preparing traditional foods, decorating their homes, and exchanging gifts and greetings.

Is Nowruz a religious holiday?

At present, Nowruz is a secular holiday different people, religions, and backgrounds celebrate in various places.

How long does Nowruz last?

The Nowruz celebration usually lasts for 13 days celebrating the festival of Sizdah Bedar, where people enjoy outdoor activities.

What is the significance of the haft-seen table in Nowruz celebrations?

The haft-seen table is significant to Nowruz celebrations symbolizing seven items that start with the Persian letter ‘seen’ for prosperity, renewal, and fertility.

Can non-Iranians celebrate Nowruz?

Non-Iranians are welcome to celebrate the holiday and learn about people’s customs, cultures, and traditions.

What are some Nowruz traditions and customs?

Some of the customs and traditions during Nowruz include spring cleaning, participating in cultural festivals and activities, and celebrating with family and friends.

What are some Nowruz greetings and messages?

Some standard greetings and messages during Nowruz include Norouzetan Pirooz, meaning may your Nowruz be filled with victory, and Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak, which means happy new year.

What are some Nowruz symbols and their meanings?

Nowruz symbols include the haft-seen table to symbolize health, love, fertility, and renewal, goldfish to symbolize good luck, and hyacinth to represent spring and new beginnings.

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