Spring is perhaps the most awaited and anticipated time among the four seasons. In a natural, cultural, and spiritual sense, the season of spring holds much meaning and tradition. 

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Spring Definition & Meaning

Spring is one of the four natural seasons that occurs each year. 

Spring is a time when leaves and flowers begin to grow and bloom again, and a time when warmer weather is experienced.  

When Is Spring?

Spring starts in March in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe such as in places like North America; but begins in September for the Southern Hemisphere such as Australia. March 20 or 21 (give or take) is known as the Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox and is generally considered the beginning of the spring season. 

Spring History

In Old English, Spring was first referred to as Lent. But after the 14th century,  it was later termed as springtime then simply shortened to spring. However, it is important to note that in tropical and subtropical countries, seasons are mainly referred to as wet or dry as opposed to the traditional four seasons. 

Spring Purpose, Importance

Spring, like each of the four seasons, has its own significance and unique set of characteristics. For different countries and cultures, the spring season signals a host of different meanings and importance.   

Time of Growth and Rebirth

The start of the spring season marks the growth or regrowth of trees and other flora. Green leaves begin to grow again and flowers start to bloom during the springtime. Hibernating animals also begin to emerge after a long winter season in hiding.

Time to Enjoy the Sunshine

Spring is a highly anticipated season for many people around the world and for good reason. People take advantage of the warmer weather and increased sunshine by doing all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking and swimming. Spring presents the perfect opportunity for people to go outdoors after a long winter spent mainly indoors.  

Start of Daylight Savings Time

The month of March, which is the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, is typically when daylight savings time is implemented. Because of the longer days brought about by the onset of Spring, time is adjusted to suit the days with increased daylight. The astronomer George Hudson and inventor Benjamin Franklin are both credited as the individuals who proposed the use of daylight savings time.

What’s in Spring?

Spring is signified by warm weather, blossoming flowers, and the transformation of nature. Different cultures celebrate the coming of Spring by holding festivals such as Holi in India and Baba Marta Day in Bulgaria. Students go on Spring Break, families and friends go on picnics, camping trips, and engage in all kinds of outdoor activities more during the springtime.  

How to Create a Spring Social Media Post

Express yourself with a social media post about the wonder and beauty of spring. And with any of the sample spring templates to use as a reference, you can create and customize your own post in no time!   


1. Search for a Spring Facebook Post Template


Look for a suitable spring template that matches your needs and tastes. Download your desired template or edit it online by clicking the “Edit this Template for Free” button to open the online graphic editor tool.

2. Write a Custom Message About Spring


Easily edit or change the text greeting by using the Fill tool located on the sidebar menu. Do your best to keep the message short, sweet, and relevant.   

3. Add Spring Elements to the Design 


You can further customize the template by inserting more images and objects using the Graphics tool menu. You can use the search bar to browse online images and elements related to spring. 

4. Change the Background Color


Keep the original color or change the background by clicking the Background icon on the sidebar menu. There are numerous shades and colors to choose from.      

5. Download Then Share to Facebook


Once you are finished editing, download the file or immediately share it online. Simply click the Share or Download button located on the top corner of the screen.      


1. Choose a Spring Instagram Post or Story Template


There are tons of editable spring templates in the Template.net gallery. Browse then choose a template and click the “Edit This Template for Free” button to edit or customize it. 

2. Create a Unique Spring Message 


When you click the Fill button on the sidebar menu, you can edit the text boxes as needed. Note that there are also various format settings you can use to customize the text size, color, and font. 

3. Insert Spring-Related Images and Objects


Decorate the template by adding in more graphics, images, stickers, frames, or even audio in the template. Upload images directly from your computer or use the Graphics tool to search for free online photos. 

4. Change the Background Color


To choose a custom background color, just click the Background menu found on the left side. Spring colors are usually bright and earthy so go for shades like green, orange, brown, and yellow.

5. Download or Share the Template


When you are done editing, save or download the template by selecting the Download button. You are also given the option to export the template in your preferred file format such as PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc.  


1. Choose a Spring WhatsApp Post Template


To search for a spring template, type the keyword in the search bar on the Template.net homepage. Browse then select a template of your choice and click the “Edit This Template for Free” button. 

2. Come Up With a Spring Message


Craft a message or greeting that’s related to spring like a quote or phrase. You can edit the text by simply clicking the Fill icon on the sidebar menu to the left. 

3. Add More Graphics and Elements


 Feel free to further customize the design by adding in spring-related pictures, clipart, stickers, backgrounds, and other elements. Utilize the Graphics tool on the sidebar menu or upload images directly from your computer.

4. Set a Custom Background Color


Change the background color to a colorful and bright spring color. To browse the extensive color palette, just click the Background menu on the sidebar menu.    

5. Save and Post on WhatsApp


When you are done editing the template, share or save your work by clicking the Download button. Keep in mind that you may also save your work in several file formats such as JPG, PDF, PNG, and GIF file format.       

Spring vs. Fall

Spring is the season that comes after winter, it is marked by rebirth and transformation such as the growth of new leaves on trees.   

Fall is also called autumn, it is the season that precedes winter and comes after the summer season.   

Spring Ideas & Examples

There are dozens of fun spring ideas and examples for your social media posts and other designs! Browse the different colorful and floral-inspired templates to get started on your own design.

Spring Vector Ideas & Examples

The beautiful spring vector showcases different kinds of flora, its sophisticated precisely because it’s simple.

spring vector ideas and examples

Spring Illustration Ideas & Examples

The sample spring illustration is all about still art with its simple and understated floral design.

spring illustration ideas and examples

Spring Banner Ideas & Examples

The fresh and breezy spring banner design will make the perfect picture wallpaper or even desktop background.

spring banner ideas and examples

Spring Drawing Ideas & Examples

Feel free to use and download the spring drawing template below for your spring-related activities like Easter or Lent.

spring drawing ideas and examples

Spring Poster Ideas & Examples

The spring poster vector is pretty in pink and decorated with delicate flowers which you can use for your various events, just edit the text accordingly.

spring poster ideas and examples

Spring Background Ideas & Examples

The stunning landscape of this spring background template is set against a mountain and clear, blue skies.

spring background ideas and examples

Spring Flyer Ideas & Examples

The artistic spring flyer example can be used for all kinds of events and promotions like mall sales and garage sales.

spring flyer ideas and examples

Spring Clipart Ideas & Examples

The downloadable and customizable spring clipart below combines simple flora and fauna for its theme.

spring clipart ideas and examples

Spring Website Banner Ideas & Examples

Use the daisy-themed spring website banner to decorate your blog posts and online articles.

spring website banner ideas and examples

Spring Coloring Page Ideas & Examples

Coloring is a fun activity for preschoolers and young students, the clear and transparent spring coloring page is perfect for school or classroom worksheets.

spring coloring page ideas and examples

Spring FAQs

Why do we celebrate Spring?

People celebrate Spring for many different reasons including to welcome a new season and to mark new beginnings and possibilities.

Which is the spring season?

The spring season is generally considered to start in March and lasts until May.

What does spring symbolize?

Spring symbolizes rebirth, a fresh start, and new beginnings.

What’s the first date of spring?

Usually, the first date of spring falls on March 20th or 21st, but it can happen earlier or later than those specific dates.

What is so special about spring?

Spring is a special season for many people around the world because it is the start of warmer weather, flowers begin to blossom, and people can spend longer days outdoors.

How do we celebrate spring?

Celebrate spring by enjoying the great outdoors, attending Spring-related festivals, and other related activities.

Why is spring called a colorful season?

When compared to winter or autumn, spring is a colorful season because flowers start to bloom, leaves start to turn green again and the natural world just seems more vivid and vibrant in the springtime.

What is so beautiful about spring?

Beauty abounds everywhere in the spring because sunshine and the beauty of nature is evident.

What does spring mean spiritually?

In a spiritual sense, spring means new life, rebirth, and growth.

Why do people feel happy in the spring?

Many people feel happier when it turns spring because the increased daylight and exposure to sunlight increases levels of serotonin in the brain and the area in the brain where mood is regulated.

What mood does spring represent?

Spring usually represents a happy and energized mood.

What are some spring characteristics?

Some characteristics of spring are warmer weather, increased daylight, blooming flowers, growth of leaves and trees, and animals start to come out of hiding and emerge again.

What does spring season mean in life?

In life, the spring season means transformation, renewal, and essentially starting over again.

What colors symbolize spring?

Earthy, bright, and pastel colors (e.g. green, yellow, orange) tend to symbolize spring.

What are some fun facts about spring?

In Spring, which officially begins on the vernal equinox, is a time when baby birds learn how to sing and children tend to grow faster.

What happens in the spring season?

The days are longer during spring season, temperatures become warmer, and natural landscapes begin to look more vivid and colorful.

How do you describe spring?

Spring is a beautiful season that is marked by the new growth of trees and flowers, animals begin to come out of hiding, and natural beauty is abundant.

Is spring a cold or warm season?

The season of spring is considered a warm season; however, the weather can be quite unpredictable in the springtime with the occurrence sunny days but also periods of rain showers.

Is spring hotter or summer?

Summer is much warmer than spring and is considered the hottest season among the four.

What food is popular in spring?

Fruits and vegetables begin to grow again during the spring; carrots, beets, asparagus, arugula, strawberries, and even mint leaves are popular spring food.

What do people wear in spring?

People tend to wear lighter clothing during spring such as crisp shirts, sun dresses, khaki pants, and shorts as well.

What comes to life in spring?

Plants and trees come to life in spring, animals emerge and come out of a long winter hibernation, flowers bloom, and many animal offspring are also typically born during the spring.

What color is best to wear in spring?

Any bright or pastel color is great to wear in springtime and this includes yellow, red, tangerine, orange, green, ivory, and brown.

Does it rain in spring?

Yes, the season of spring does bring rain especially in the Northern Hemisphere since the warm air tends to hold more moisture versus cold air.

What meat is popular in spring?

Meats such as pork, lamb, and beef are popular dishes to serve during spring gatherings and social events.

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